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User Settings

Selecting the "User Management" (or "Roles" in some installations) sidebar item will bring up a list of users:

Select a particular user name to view their settings:

Changing a user's access roles

Each organization has two roles which can optionally be assigned to a user. These are:

Make this user an organization admin. Use sparingly, as they can then perform any task you can perform.

Gives the user the right to create new applications and application versions to this organization. Developers can also view both published and unpublished versions of applications. Keep in mind that a user must have both the Developer role and an Edge Developer license, to perform these tasks.

Changing a user's license

If you are the admin for this user's "home" org, you can manage their license tier. Click "Set License" to bring up the dialog for picking a license. For convenience, this dialog will also display the license quota for your org, and the number of licenses used so far:


Changing a user's home organization

Moving users between organizations can be accomplished in two ways: (1) a server admin who oversees both organizations can simply move users between them, or (2) two org admins can coordinate to release and receive users between their orgs:

  1. Org A sets the user license to No License
  2. Org A unsets the user home
  3. Org B sets the user home (to Org B)
  4. Org B assigns a new license

Use the "Set Home Org" button to accomplish steps 2 and 3 above.