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Release Notes


This is a bugfix release focusing mainly on ease of deployment.


  • Fix error on server admin license install page when uploading license file.
  • Fix profile auditing on startup.
  • Fix logic for reconciling provisioners.


This is a feature release focusing mainly on license management.

License Management

Added the ability to manage licenses in Edge. A license file can now be loaded into the system, and quotas can be set by the server administrator for each organization within Edge. Additionally, each user now has a "home" organization, which is used as the billing destination for their license.

Customizable App Timeouts

Applications in Edge will gracefully shut down if unused, in order to avoid accidentally incurring unwanted compute charges. However, previous versions of Edge used a hardcoded value (4 hours) for the timeout. It is now possible to set the timeout on a per-application basis. There is still an Edge-wide "backup" timeout of 24 hours to ensure applications are not accidentally left running for very long periods of time.

UI Improvements

Updated the Settings page to group Cloud Watcher functionality into Monitoring and Control categories. Added tooltips to all sidebar entries. Added the ability to recursively delete folders in the Analysis App.


  • Fix cluster activity page in server admin dashboard.
  • Provide a better error message when attempting to delete a non-empty org.
  • Fix image puller, and tags, for built-in Analysis and Data apps.
  • Better error pages when accessing an unauthorized organization.


Analysis App: automatically configure EDM

If the user's EDM installation has not been configured in the Analysis App, Edge will automatically set it up. This includes adding a token to the .edm.yaml configuration file in the home directory. This ensures that users of the Analysis App are free to install packages (including packages from private repositories) as soon as they start the app.

Analysis App: improve launch speed

Multiple optimizations have been made to the Analysis App startup speed. As a result, the launch time (not including VM allocation) has been reduced to approximately 30 seconds.

Cloud Watcher: activity display page

Organization administrators can now view activity (running applications, placeholders, and virtual machines) under the Cloud Watcher tab in Settings.