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Organizations can be individually approved for use of various Edge services, which are groups of components such as instance types. A server admin and an org admin must add their approval to a service before users within an organization can use the service.

Editing a service

You may view details about a service and approve its use for an organization by clicking the Edit Service link.

A service must have approval from both the server admin and the org admin before its components can be used in Edge by members of the organization.

Mandatory and Default services

Some services are marked as Mandatory. They are required for the Edge platform, and approval status may not be set by server admins and org admins. They are automatically available to members of the organization. Other services are marked as default services. Default services are comprised of components commonly used by applications such as the Data and Analysis applications. By clicking the Reset default services link, you can view details of these services. When you approve default services, both server admin and org admin approval is applied.