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License Tiers

Edge has three license tiers. Each user has at most one of these licenses.

Edge Essentials

Intended for most end users of Edge, including custom applications. This license tier allows access to data stored in Edge via the Data App, as well as the Search tool.

Edge Essentials users can run custom applications you've published on the Scientific Workbench. This makes the Essentials license tier ideal for reaching a broad audience.

Below is a representative workbench that an Edge Essentials user will see. Note that the Analysis App is grayed out for Edge Essentials license holders and requires an upgrade to Edge Plus:

Edge Plus

In addition to the features provided with Edge Essentials, the Edge Plus License includes the Edge Analysis app. With this license, users can write, run, and share Jupyter notebooks within the Edge environment with seamless access to their data and scalable compute.

Here is a representative workbench that an Edge Plus user will see:

Edge Developer

The Edge Developer License encompasses all the benefits of the Edge Plus License. In addition, it empowers users with the ability to deploy their own custom applications on the Edge scientific workbench.

With this license, the valuable solutions that are created in the lab can get rapidly deployed and iteratively refined for the entire team to use and benefit from. Here you can see in our sample organization, the "Deep Chemistry" app that an Edge Developer license holder is working on for their entire team to use: