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Users and Orgs

As we'll see in a moment, Edge makes it simple to invite new users and manage their level of access. This is the case whether you are a service admin or org admin. But before we get into the details, it's worth taking a moment to review how Edge models the relationship between users, organizations, and licenses.

Users can belong to multiple Edge orgs
An Edge organization might represent a single laboratory or research group. It's natural that a single user might belong to multiple groups or multiple labs. Therefore, Edge allows a user to belong to multiple organizations.

Users have different permissions across different orgs
A user might have developer rights in one organization, admin rights in another, and plain "user" rights in a third. The choice is up to each organization's administrator.

Each user has a "home" org for license management
In Edge, a license quota is established by the server admin for each org. The org admin can then issue invitations to new users, and issue new licenses, up to the quota. Because users can belong to more than one org, we restrict license management to only the admin of their "home" org. Among other things, this makes it clear which business unit within the company is paying for their license.