Clear Objects

Clean up any remaining Python object references.

You typically shouldn't need to use this VI, as Python objects are generally cleaned up automatically. Python object references prepared by using Pack, or returned from Python from Call, need to be disposed of to avoid memory leaks. This is typically done as a side effect of calling Unpack or Call. If errors occur during packing, unpacking, or calling Python, references are freed automatically.

Use this VI if you have packed some objects but decide, for some reason, not to use Call. Likewise, objects returned from Call but not unpacked should be disposed of by calling this VI.

Like other LabVIEW "cleanup" functions, this VI will execute normally even if an error is present on the Error in terminal. Invalid or already-closed Python references are ignored without error, as is an invalid Session ID.

int32_in int32_out Session ID/Session ID Out
The current Python session ID. Session ID Out always contains the same value as Session ID.
variant_in Python Object References
Python objects to free, from either calls to Pack or Call.
error_in error_out Error In/Out
Terminals for standard error functionality.

Common error codes

This VI doesn't produce any errors of its own.