Appendix II: Editor Factories for Predefined TraitsΒΆ

Predefined traits that are not listed in this table use TextEditor() by default, and have no other appropriate editor factories.

Trait Default Editor Factory Other Possible Editor Factories
Any TextEditor EnumEditor, ImageEnumEditor, ValueEditor
Array ArrayEditor (for 2-D arrays)  
Bool BooleanEditor ThemedCheckboxEditor
Button ButtonEditor  
CArray ArrayEditor (for 2-D arrays)  
CBool BooleanEditor  
CComplex TextEditor  
CFloat, CInt, CLong TextEditor LEDEditor
Code CodeEditor  
Color ColorEditor  
Complex TextEditor  
CStr, CUnicode TextEditor (multi_line=True) CodeEditor, HTMLEditor
Dict TextEditor ValueEditor
Directory DirectoryEditor  
Enum EnumEditor ImageEnumEditor
Event (none) ButtonEditor, ToolbarButtonEditor
File FileEditor AnimatedGIFEditor
Float TextEditor LEDEditor
Font FontEditor  
Instance InstanceEditor TreeEditor, DropEditor, DNDEditor, ValueEditor
List TableEditor for lists of HasTraits objects; ListEditor for all other lists. CSVListEditor, CheckListEditor, SetEditor, ValueEditor, ThemedVerticalNotebookEditor
Long TextEditor LEDEditor
Password TextEditor(password=True)  
PythonValue ShellEditor  
Range RangeEditor ThemedSliderEditor
Regex TextEditor CodeEditor
RGBColor RGBColorEditor  
Str TextEditor(multi_line=True) CodeEditor, HTMLEditor
String TextEditor CodeEditor, ThemedTextEditor
This InstanceEditor  
ToolbarButton ButtonEditor  
Tuple TupleEditor  
UIDebugger ButtonEditor (button calls the UIDebugEditor factory)  
Unicode TextEditor(multi_line=True) HTMLEditor
WeakRef InstanceEditor  

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