traitsui.testing.tester.exceptions module

Custom exceptions for UITester and UIWrapper.

exception traitsui.testing.tester.exceptions.Disabled[source]

Bases: TesterError

Raised when a simulation fails because the widget is disabled.

exception traitsui.testing.tester.exceptions.InteractionNotSupported(target_class, interaction_class, supported)[source]

Bases: TesterError

Raised when an interaction is not supported by a wrapper.

  • target_class (subclass of type) – The type of a UI target being operated on.

  • interaction_class (subclass of type) – Any class for the interaction.

  • supported (list of types) – List of supported interaction types.

exception traitsui.testing.tester.exceptions.LocationNotSupported(target_class, locator_class, supported)[source]

Bases: TesterError

Raised when attempt to resolve a location on a UI fails because the location type is not supported.

exception traitsui.testing.tester.exceptions.TesterError[source]

Bases: Exception

Custom exception for UITester/UIWrapper.