Extending the Unit ParserΒΆ

If you define a series of units that you want to be available for import and use in unitted functions, then you must use the unit_parser as below:

from scimath.units.api import unit_parser
from scimath.units.mass import kilogram

apple = 0.2 * kilogram
apple.label = 'label'

bread = 0.5 * kilogram
bread.label = 'loaf of bread'

very_small_rocks = 0.02 * kilogram
very_small_rocks.label = 'very small rocks'

a_duck = 1.3 * kilogram
a_duck.label = 'a duck'


When the above module is imported, unit_parser will be updated, and a unitted function can be built, as follows:

from scimath.units.api import has_units

def witch_test(mass_of_maiden):
     """ Test to determine if one or more young maidens is a witch.

     mass_of_maiden : array : units=a_duck
         array of masses to check against the weight of a duck

     truth : bool
     return mass_of_maiden >= 1
The behavior is as expected:
>>> from scimath.units.mass import pound
>>> from scimath.units.api import UnitArray
>>> from numpy.random import randn
>>> maidens = UnitArray(randn(5)*15 + 100, units="pound")
>>> witch_test(maidens)
array([ True,  True,  True,  True,  True], dtype=bool)