Types of Units Available

In the following sections, the units available from each scimath.units sub-module are listed. For convenience units are sometimes imported into a module from the module where they were defined.


f_per_s2, feet_per_second_squared, ft_per_s2, m_per_s2, meters_per_second_squared


circle, circles, deg, degree, degrees, gon, gons, grad, grads, math, mil, mils, minute, minutes, quadrant, quadrants, radian, radians, revolution, revolutions, right_angle, right_angles, second, seconds, sextant, sextants, sign, signs, turn, turns


acre, barn, hectare, square_centimeter, square_foot, square_inch, square_meter, square_mile


g_per_c3, g_per_cc, g_per_cm3, gcc, gm_per_c3, gm_per_cc, gm_per_cm3, grams_per_cc, grams_per_cubic_centimeter, kg_per_m3, kilograms_per_cubic_meter, lb_per_gal, lb_per_gallon


api, dimensionless, dim, fractional, fraction, gapi[#gamma_ray]_, one, parts_per_million, parts_per_one, pct, percent, percentage, ppm


amp, ampere, amps, amperes, coulomb, farad, henry, henrys, mho, micro_farad, mA, milli_ampere, milli_amp, millivolts, mmho, mSiemen, mS, mv, ohms, ohmm, ohm_m, ohm_meter, ohms_per_m, ohms_per_meter, pf, pico_farad, siemen, siemens_per_meter, siemens_per_m, tesla, teslas, uf, volts, v, weber, webers


Btu, Calorie, GeV, J, KeV, MJ, MeV, cal, calorie, eV, electron_volt, erg, foot_pound, horse_power_hour, joule, kJ, kcal, kilowatt_hour


lbf, lbs, N, newton


Hz, RPM, hertz, hz, khz, kilohertz, rpm


GPa, MPa, MPa_per_100f, MPa_per_100ft, MPa_per_f, MPa_per_ft, MPa_per_m, api [1], apsi, becquerel, frac, fraction, fractional, g_ft_per_cc_s, g_km_per_cc_s, gapi [1], gray, lb_per_gal, lb_per_gallon, parts_per_million, parts_per_one, pct, percent, percentage, ppg, ppm, psi_per_f, psi_per_ft, us_fluid_gallon, us_per_ft


IN, angstrom, astronomical_unit, centimeter, centimeters, cm, f, fathom, feet, fermi, foot, ft, inch, inches, kilometer, kilometers, km, light_year, m, meter, meters, micrometer, micron, mile, millimeter, millimeters, mm, nanometer, nautical_mile, nm, parsec, um, yard


centigram, cg, g, gm, gram, grams, kg, kilogram, kilograms, lb, lbs, metric_ton, mg, milligram, ounce, pound, pounds, ton


horsepower, kilowatt, kw, watt


GPa, MPa, Pa, apsi, atm, atmosphere, bar, kPa, kbar, kbars, kilobar, millibar, pascal, punds_per_square_inch, psi, psig, torr


ampere, atto, becquerel, candela, centi, copy, coulomb, deci, deka, dimensionless, exa, farad, femto, giga, gray, hecto, henry, hertz, joule, katal, kilo, kilogram, lumen, lux, mega, meter, micro, milli, mole, nano, newton, none, ohm, pascal, peta, pico, radian, second, siemens, sievert, steradian, tera, tesla, unit, volt, watt, weber, yocto, yotta, zepto, zetta


f_per_s, f_per_sec, feet_per_second, ft_per_s, ft_per_sec, kilometers_per_second, km_per_s, km_per_sec, knot, m_per_s, m_per_sec, meters_per_millisecond, meters_per_second, miles_per_hour


kmol, mol, mole


K, celsius, degC, degF, degK, degc, degf, degk, fahrenheit, kelvin, rankine


day, hour, micro, microsecond, microseconds, milli, millisecond, milliseconds, minute, ms, msec, nano, nanosecond, ns, pico, picosecond, ps, s, sec, second, seconds, us, usec, year


barrel, bbl, c3, cc, centimeter, cm3, cubic_centimeter, cubic_foot, cubic_inch, cubic_meter, cuft, f3, ft3, gallon, gallons, liter, liters, m3, us_fluid_gallon, us_fluid_ounce, us_fluid_quart, us_pint


[1](1, 2) American Petroleum Institute units for gamma radiation