envisage.ui.workbench.workbench_plugin module

The Envisage workbench plugin.

class envisage.ui.workbench.workbench_plugin.WorkbenchPlugin[source]

Bases: Plugin

The Envisage workbench plugin.

The workbench plugin uses the Pyface workbench to provide the basis of an IDE-like user interface. The interface is made up of perspectives, views and editors.

Note that this is not intended to be a ‘general-purpose’ plugin for user interfaces - it provides an IDE-like style and that is all. If your application requires another style of interface then write another plugin (you can still re-use all the menu, group and action contribution stuff!).

ACTION_SETS = 'envisage.ui.workbench.action_sets'
PERSPECTIVES = 'envisage.ui.workbench.perspectives'
PREFERENCES = 'envisage.preferences'
PREFERENCES_PAGES = 'envisage.ui.workbench.preferences_pages'
SERVICE_OFFERS = 'envisage.service_offers'
VIEWS = 'envisage.ui.workbench.views'
WORKBENCH_SERVICE_OFFERS = 'envisage.ui.workbench.service_offers'