envisage.ui.tasks.preferences_pane module

class envisage.ui.tasks.preferences_pane.PreferencesPane(model=None, **metadata)[source]

Bases: Controller

A panel for configuring application preferences.

after = Str

The pane appears after the pane with this ID.


Handles the Apply button being clicked.

before = Str

The pane appears after the pane with this ID.

category = Str("General")

The ID of the category in which to place the pane.

close(info, is_ok)[source]

Handles the user attempting to close a dialog-based user interface.

dialog = Instance("envisage.ui.tasks.preferences_dialog.PreferencesDialog")

The preferences dialog to which the pane belongs. Set by the framework.

id = Str

An identifier for the pane (unique within a category).

model = Instance(PreferencesHelper)

The preferences helper for which this pane is a view.

model_factory = Callable

The factory to use for creating the preferences model object, of form:

callable(**traits) -> PreferencesHelper

If not specified, the preferences helper must be supplied manually.


Re-implemented to use a copy of the model that is not connected to the preferences node.