Updated EDM GUI to 10.3.2, which contains a bugfix for proxy support. Reference: #189

Use Python 3.6.13 runtime, which contains a bugfix for CVE-2021-23336. Reference: #2430



Corrected an encoding error related to Python 2 deprecation which resulted in an error when attempting to set a proxy on MacOS or Windows. Reference: #189



  • Refactored EDM environment registration so that it happenes consistently.



  • Fixed an issue where incorrect permissions prevented EDM-GUI from launching on CentOS.


  • Added support for PEP514 on Windows. EDM created environments will now create registry entries that can be seen by tools like VSCode.


  • Updated copyright dates in license headers.

  • Added MSVC license to Windows installer.



  • Fix an encoding issue which prevented “.zbundle” files from being imported.

  • Fix improper string handling which broke the “edm app list” command and GUI functionality which depended on it.

  • Fix very long tracebacks in log files, triggered by the lack of an explicit character encoding when opening the log file.



  • Update to most recent EDM GUI release: add refresh capability for the apps page, add keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-r to refresh application list; Ctrl-f to focus the “Filter Results” input).


  • Update the version of Python used when building EDM (to 3.6.12).



  • Fixes bug where app install and app search would fail to install/search for applications compatible with the current OS



  • Added –platform flag to edm app list-available

  • Made rh7 default platform (for rh7 compatible systems)



  • Updated EDM GUI to 10.3.0, which adds a search and filter box.


Bug fixes

  • Re-enable app signing for Windows

  • Changed api-token creation logic to be compatible with newer versions of brood.



  • New command edm configure proxy, which lets users configure a proxy to use when contacting an EDS server. This feature is also accessable from the GUI.

  • Proxy credentials no longer stored in plaintext. Either stored in secure system storage, or encrypted.

  • Improved GUI error reporting when reading configuration



  • For GUI, “Open config file” item in the Tools menu and config file watcher added


  • In the GUI, manual changes in the config file will no longer be overwritten


  • Remove dead code

  • Use multibranch pipeline for master builds

2.2.0 (2020-02-19)


  • Caching in GUI of applications and repositories

  • “Show console output” menu item and application debugger dialog

  • Add a prompt to remove conflicting environment when installing an application

  • Add DevTools installation manual and menu item

  • Add tooltip to clarify proxy settings

  • Advanced configuration section added to GUI


  • Update Python versions referred to in docs (#2249).

  • Remove dev/contributor guide from public docs (#2277).

  • Add documentation for advanced GUI configuration

  • Documentation for “show console output”

  • Fix docs relating to proxy use (#2258).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in GUI with usernames containing spaces

  • Improve CLI argument escaping


  • Adjusted version label to display EDM version by default and GUI version in a tooltip


  • Constrain setuptools version during builds to retain Python 2.7 support (#2272).

  • Constrain PyInstaller version during POSIX builds (#2274).

2.1.0 (2019-12-06)


  • There is a new --add-repository option for edm search, edm install, and edm bundle generate (#2117).

  • Better support for progress reporting on non-console output (#2235).

Bug fixes

  • edm app list will no longer fail on broken application environments but ignore them (#2211).

  • edm bundle generate no longer requires authentication when only packages from public repositories are used (#2099).


  • Update the documentation regarding EDM GUI and CLI (#2212).


  • The default edm root is now the same for dev builds as it is for release builds of edm (#2199).

  • EDM is now compatible with attrs versions 19.2.0 and greater (#2187).

  • Account for possible __PYVENV_LAUNCHER__ env variable that was breaking tests on Mac OS (#2216).

  • Run tests on rh7 nodes (#2223).

  • Increase reliable_rename attempts for Windows (#2232).

  • Update simplesat dependency to 0.8.2 (#2238).

2.0.0 (2019-10-03)


  • Remove the edm gui command (#2121).

  • Change default bundle type to version 2 (#2130).

  • Change the default python version to 3.6 when creating new environments (#2122).

  • Windows desktop shortcut now links to the new EDM GUI app (#2147).

  • EDM installer without the new GUI app is called “edm_cli” (#2156, #2159).

  • Remove previously deprecated update-all command (#2181).


  • Sign binaries and notarize Mac installer (#2080, #2079).

  • Support a gui entry in the EDM.yaml config file (#2023).

  • Support ls/rm as shortcuts for list/remove (#2094).

  • Provide two EDM installers: the original command-line-EDM-only installer, and one that also includes the new EDM GUI (#2136, #2125, #2126, #2127).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed unhelpful output on failure to find a SAT solution (#1845).

  • Clean up bundle generation satisfiability errors (#1846).

  • Fix edm app list error when an environment has eam but no applications (#2129).

  • Fix bundle creation that included unnecessary repositories (#2118).

  • Prevent edm from polluting stdout for commands using the --json option (#2174).

  • Console logging is now sent to stderr (#2179).

  • Fix SSL error when using commands with the --insecure option (#2184).


  • Update edm env export command in documentation (#2072).

  • Remove license for the now unused tcl/tk (#2142, #2171).

  • Update installer to not include unnecessary gui libraries (#2123).


  • Use python 2.7.15 for all the edm installers (#2052).

  • Move Linux installer builds to centos 6 nodes (#2111).

  • Make purge a little safer (#2095).

1.12.1 (2019-07-04)

Bug fixes

  • Fix linux installers to work on recent linux systems (#2073)

1.12.0 (2019-06-04)


  • Make --purge the default when removing an environment or application (#1971, #2028).


  • Add an edm gui command to start the related EDM-GUI application (#1967, #2050).

  • Support installing an application from an application bundle file (#1788).

  • Add option to display edm gui console output in a GUI window (#1995, #2031, #2049, #2053, #2059).

  • Add a start menu shortcut for launching the EDM-GUI application on Windows (#1994, #2027).

  • Sign the .pkg installer on OSX (#349, #2017).

Bug fixes

  • Fix edm repack-egg and edm repack-wheel so that the files which are installed from their output will have the correct permissions (#878).

  • Give better error message for importing bundle with invalid json (#1381).

  • Fix Windows installer to remove older versions of EDM before installing the new files (#2051).


  • Remove obsolete roadmap from documentation (#1963).

  • Fix misleading names of release files (#1962).

  • Update help for edm upgrade-all (#1976).


  • Use pyinstaller for all platforms rather than static python build and freeze.py (#1998).

  • Use okonomiyaki 1.0.0 with support for metadata 2.1 (#1957).

  • Support click 7.0 (#1972).

1.11.0 (2019-03-18)


  • Add new command application list-installed to list the currently installed EAM applications (#1925).

  • Support returning command output as json for application list-installed and application list-available commands, via option –json (#1925, #1924).

  • Support reporting action result as json for application install and application remove commands, via option –json-report (#1943, #1943).

Bug fixes

  • The bundle generate command no longer requires an authenticated user to access the free enthought repositories.


  • Fix EDM jenkins ci/cd builds (#1926, #1947).

  • Fix errors detected by recent flake8 release (#1926).

Older Releases