chaco.plots.quiverplot module

class chaco.plots.quiverplot.QuiverPlot(**kwtraits)

Bases: chaco.plots.scatterplot.ScatterPlot

arrow_size = Int(5)

The length, in pixels, of the arrowhead

data_type = Enum("vector", "radial")  # TODO: implement "radial"

Determines how to interpret the data in the vectors data source. “vector”: each tuple is a (dx, dy) “radial”: each tuple is an (r, theta)

line_color = ColorTrait("black")

The color of the lines

line_width = Float(1.0)

The width of the lines

vectors = Instance(AbstractDataSource)

A datasource that returns an Nx2 array array indicating directions of the vectors. The interpretation of this array is dependent on the setting of the data_type attribute.

Usually this will be a MultiArrayDataSource.