chaco.plots.scatterplot module

Defines the ScatterPlot class, and associated TraitsUI view and helper function.

class chaco.plots.scatterplot.ScatterPlot(**kwtraits)

Bases: chaco.base_xy_plot.BaseXYPlot

Renders a scatter plot, given an index and value arrays.

map_data(screen_pt, all_values=True)

Maps a screen space point into the “index” space of the plot.

Overrides the BaseXYPlot implementation, and always returns an array of (index, value) tuples.

map_index(screen_pt, threshold=0.0, outside_returns_none=True, index_only=False)

Maps a screen space point to an index into the plot’s index array(s).

Overrides the BaseXYPlot implementation..


Maps an array of data points into screen space and returns it as an array.

Implements the AbstractPlotRenderer interface.

class chaco.plots.scatterplot.ScatterPlotView

Bases: traitsui.view.View

TraitsUI View for customizing a scatter plot.

chaco.plots.scatterplot.render_markers(gc, points, marker, marker_size, color, line_width, outline_color, custom_symbol=None, debug=False, point_mask=None)

Helper function for a PlotComponent instance to render a set of (x,y) points onto a graphics context. Currently, it makes some assumptions about the attributes on the plot object; these may be factored out eventually.

  • gc (GraphicsContext) – The target for rendering the points

  • points (array of (x,y) points) – The points to render

  • marker (string, class, or instance) – The type of marker to use for the points

  • marker_size (number) – The size of the markers

  • color (RGB(A) color) – The color of the markers

  • line_width (number) – The width, in pixels, of the marker outline

  • outline_color (RGB(A) color) – The color of the marker outline

  • custom_symbol (CompiledPath) – If the marker style is ‘custom’, this is the symbol

  • point_mask (array of bools) – The mask specifying which points need to be rendered. The points array is already masked