chaco.plots.cmap_image_plot module

class chaco.plots.cmap_image_plot.CMapImagePlot(**kwargs)

Bases: chaco.plots.image_plot.ImagePlot

Colormapped image plot. Takes a value data object whose elements are scalars, and renders them as a colormapped image.

cache_full_map = Bool(True)

whether to pre-compute the full colormapped RGB(A) image

color_mapper = Property

Convenience property for value_mapper as color_mapper

fade_alpha = Float(0.3)

alpha value to use to fade out unselected data points when there is an active selection

fade_background = Tuple((0, 0, 0))

RGB color to use to fade out unselected points.


Sets a range of values in the value data source as selected.

value_mapper = Instance(AbstractColormap)

Maps from scalar data values in to color tuples

value_range = Property

Convenience property for accessing the data range of the mapper.