chaco.plots.image_plot module

Defines the ImagePlot class.

class chaco.plots.image_plot.ImagePlot(**kwargs)

Bases: chaco.base_2d_plot.Base2DPlot

A plot based on an image.

alpha = Range(0.0, 1.0, 1.0)

Overall alpha value of the image. Ranges from 0.0 for transparent to 1.0 for full intensity.

interpolation = Enum("nearest", "bilinear", "bicubic")

The interpolation method to use when rendering an image onto the GC.

map_index(screen_pt, threshold=0.0, outside_returns_none=True, index_only=False)

Maps a screen space point to an index into the plot’s index array(s).

Implements the AbstractPlotRenderer interface. Uses 0.0 for threshold, regardless of the passed value.

x_axis_is_flipped = Property(observe=["orientation", "origin"])

Bool indicating whether x-axis is flipped.

y_axis_is_flipped = Property(observe=["orientation", "origin"])

Bool indicating whether y-axis is flipped.