chaco.log_mapper module

Defines the LogMapper and InvalidDataRangeException classes.

exception chaco.log_mapper.InvalidDataRangeException

Bases: Exception

class chaco.log_mapper.LogMapper

Bases: chaco.base_1d_mapper.Base1DMapper

Defines a 1-D logarithmic scale mapping from a 1-D region in input space to a 1-D region in output space.

fill_value = Float(1.0)

The value to map when asked to map values <= LOG_MINIMUM to screen space.


Overrides Abstract Mapper. Maps values from screen space into data space.


Maps an array of values from screen space into data space. By default, this method just loops over the points, calling map_data() on each one. For vectorizable mapping functions, override this implmentation with a faster one.


Overrides AbstractMapper. Maps values from data space to screen space.