chaco.base_1d_mapper module

Defines the Base1DMapper class.

class chaco.base_1d_mapper.Base1DMapper

Bases: chaco.abstract_mapper.AbstractMapper

Defines an abstract mapping from a 1-D region in input space to a 1-D region in output space.

high_pos = Float(1.0)

The screen space position of the upper bound of the data space.

low_pos = Float(0.0)

The screen space position of the lower bound of the data space.

range = Instance(DataRange1D)

The data-space bounds of the mapper.

screen_bounds = Property

Convenience property to get low and high positions in one structure. Must be a tuple (low_pos, high_pos).

sign = Property

The sign of the mapping: 1 if deltas match sign, -1 if opposite sign

stretch_data = Bool(True)

Should the mapper stretch the dataspace when its screen space bounds are modified (default), or should it preserve the screen-to-data ratio and resize the data bounds? If the latter, it will only try to preserve the ratio if both screen and data space extents are non-zero.