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FindReplace ExampleΒΆ


#  Copyright (c) 2012, Enthought, Inc.
#  All rights reserved.
""" An example demonstrating the layout for a find-replace dialog.

To make the buttons look nice, weak constraints are set requesting that
the adjacent buttons have the same width after satisfying all of the
other constraints. The left border of the Fields should be aligned. The
width taken up by the buttons is controlled by the lower row since the
PushButton labels "Replace" and "Replace & Find" take up more space than
"Find" and "Find Next". The lower row's buttons are not equal widths,
because that would take up a bunch of extra space, but the top row's
buttons do expand equally to take up the available space.

from enaml.layout.api import hbox, vbox, spacer, align
from enaml.widgets.api import Window, Container, PushButton, Field

enamldef Main(Window):
    title = "Find & Replace"
        hug_height = 'strong'
        constraints = [
                hbox(find, find_next, find_field),
                hbox(replace, replace_and_find, replace_field),

            # Setup the alignment of the left of the two fields
            align('left', find_field, replace_field),

            # Setup the vertical aligment of each row of controls
            align('v_center', find, find_next, find_field),
            align('v_center', replace, replace_and_find, replace_field),

            # Setup the weak width constraints of each control
            (find.width == find_next.width) | 'weak',
            (replace.width == replace_and_find.width) | 'weak',
            id: find
            text = "Find"
            id: find_next
            text = "Find Next"
            id: replace
            text = "Replace"
            id: replace_and_find
            text = "Replace && Find"
            id: find_field
            id: replace_field

$ enaml-run find_replace.enaml