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class enaml.widgets.mdi_area.MdiArea(parent=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: enaml.widgets.constraints_widget.ConstraintsWidget

A widget which acts as a virtual window manager for other top level widget.

An MdiArea can be used to provide an area within an application that can display other widgets in their own independent windows. Children of an MdiArea should be defined as instances of MdiWindow.

mdi_windows = None

A read only property which returns the area’s MdiWindows.

hug_width = None

An MdiArea expands freely in width and height by default.

resist_width = None

An MdiArea resists clipping only weakly by default.


alias of __NoInterface__



Inheritance diagram of enaml.qt.qt_mdi_area.QtMdiArea

class enaml.qt.qt_mdi_area.QtMdiArea(object_id, parent, session)[source]

Bases: enaml.qt.qt_constraints_widget.QtConstraintsWidget

A Qt implementation of an Enaml MdiArea.

create_widget(parent, tree)[source]

Create the underlying QMdiArea widget.


Initialize the layout for the underlying control.


Handle the child removed event for a QtMdiArea.


Handle the child added event for a QtMdiArea.