Source code for enaml.qt.qt_mdi_area

#  Copyright (c) 2012, Enthought, Inc.
#  All rights reserved.
from .qt.QtGui import QMdiArea
from .qt_constraints_widget import QtConstraintsWidget
from .qt_mdi_window import QtMdiWindow

[docs]class QtMdiArea(QtConstraintsWidget): """ A Qt implementation of an Enaml MdiArea. """ #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Setup Methods #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def create_widget(self, parent, tree): """ Create the underlying QMdiArea widget. """ return QMdiArea(parent)
[docs] def init_layout(self): """ Initialize the layout for the underlying control. """ super(QtMdiArea, self).init_layout() widget = self.widget() for child in self.children(): if isinstance(child, QtMdiWindow): widget.addSubWindow(child.widget()) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Child Events #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def child_removed(self, child): """ Handle the child removed event for a QtMdiArea. """ if isinstance(child, QtMdiWindow): self.widget().removeSubWindow(child.widget())
[docs] def child_added(self, child): """ Handle the child added event for a QtMdiArea. """ # The size hint of a QMdiArea is typically quite large and the # size hint constraints are usually ignored. There is no need # to notify of a change in size hint here. if isinstance(child, QtMdiWindow): self.widget().addSubWindow(child.widget())