Source code for enaml.qt.qt_separator

#  Copyright (c) 2012, Enthought, Inc.
#  All rights reserved.
from .qt.QtCore import QSize
from .qt.QtGui import QFrame
from .qt_control import QtControl

# A mapping from Enaml orientation to frame shape enum.
    'horizontal': QFrame.HLine,
    'vertical': QFrame.VLine,

# A mapping from Enaml line style to frame shadow enum.
    'sunken': QFrame.Sunken,
    'raised': QFrame.Raised,
    'plain': QFrame.Plain

class QSeparator(QFrame):
    """ A QFrame subclass which acts as a separator.

    This subclass reimplements the sizeHint method to compute a hint
    which is appropriate for a frame being used as a vertical or
    horizontal separator line.

    def sizeHint(self):
        # The default sizeHint method returns (-1, 3) or (3, -1) when
        # the frame is used as a separator, regardless of the computed
        # frame width. This override corrects that behavior.
        hint = super(QSeparator, self).sizeHint()
        if self.frameShadow() in (QFrame.Raised, QFrame.Sunken):
            shape = self.frameShape()
            if shape == QFrame.HLine:
                hint = QSize(hint.width(), max(3, self.frameWidth() * 2))
            elif shape == QFrame.VLine:
                hint = QSize(max(3, self.frameWidth() * 2), hint.height())
        return hint

[docs]class QtSeparator(QtControl): """ A Qt implementation of an Enaml Separator. """
[docs] def create_widget(self, parent, tree): """ Create underlying QSeparator control. """ return QSeparator(parent)
[docs] def create(self, tree): """ Create and initialize the underlying widget. """ super(QtSeparator, self).create(tree) self.set_orientation(tree['orientation']) self.set_line_style(tree['line_style']) self.set_line_width(tree['line_width']) self.set_midline_width(tree['midline_width']) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Message Handling #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def on_action_set_orientation(self, content): """ Handle the 'set_orientation' action from the Enaml widget. """ self.set_orientation(content['orientation']) self.size_hint_updated()
[docs] def on_action_set_line_style(self, content): """ Handle the 'set_line_style' action from the Enaml widget. """ self.set_line_style(content['line_style']) self.size_hint_updated()
[docs] def on_action_set_line_width(self, content): """ Handle the 'set_line_width' action from the Enaml widget. """ self.set_line_width(content['line_width']) self.size_hint_updated() self.widget().update()
[docs] def on_action_set_midline_width(self, content): """ Handle the 'set_midline_width' action from the Enaml widget. """ self.set_midline_width(content['midline_width']) self.size_hint_updated() self.widget().update() #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Widget Update Methods #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def set_orientation(self, orientation): """ Set the orientation of the underlying widget. """ self.widget().setFrameShape(_SHAPE_MAP[orientation])
[docs] def set_line_style(self, style): """ Set the line style of the underlying widget. """ self.widget().setFrameShadow(_SHADOW_MAP[style])
[docs] def set_line_width(self, width): """ Set the line width of the underlying widget. """ self.widget().setLineWidth(width)
[docs] def set_midline_width(self, width): """ Set the midline width of the underlying widget. """ self.widget().setMidLineWidth(width)