traitsui.ui_editors.array_view_editor module

Defines an ArrayViewEditor for displaying 1-d or 2-d arrays of values.

class traitsui.ui_editors.array_view_editor.ArrayViewAdapter[source]

Bases: TabularAdapter

get_item(object, trait, row)[source]

Returns the value of the object.trait[row] item.

is_2d = Bool(True)

Is the array 1D or 2D?

len(object, trait)[source]

Returns the number of items in the specified object.trait list.

transpose = Bool(False)

Should array rows and columns be transposed:

class traitsui.ui_editors.array_view_editor.ArrayViewEditor(*args, **traits)[source]

Bases: BasicEditorFactory

font = Font("Courier 10")

The font to use for displaying each array element:

format = Str("%s")

The format used to display each array element:

klass = Property()

The editor implementation class:

show_index = Bool(True)

Should an index column be displayed:

titles = List(Str)

List of (optional) column titles:

transpose = Bool(False)

Should the array be logically transposed: