traitsui.tests.test_splitter_prefs_restored module

Test the storing/restoration of split group state.

class traitsui.tests.test_splitter_prefs_restored.TmpClass

Bases: traitsui.handler.Handler


Collapse the split to the left.


Collapse the split to the right.


Initializes the controls of a user interface.

This method is called after all user interface elements have been created, but before the user interface is displayed. Override this method to customize the user interface before it is displayed.

Parameters:info (UIInfo object) – The UIInfo object associated with the view
Returns:initialized – A Boolean, indicating whether the user interface was successfully initialized. A True value indicates that the UI can be displayed; a False value indicates that the display operation should be cancelled. The default implementation returns True without taking any other action.
Return type:bool

Reset the split to be equally wide.


Apply the last saved ui preferences.


Save the current ui preferences.

traitsui.tests.test_splitter_prefs_restored.skip_if_not_qt4(item, *, backend_name='qt4')

Decorator that skip tests if the backend is not the desired one.


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