traitsui.include module

Defines the Include class, which is used to represent a substitutable element within a user interface View.

class traitsui.include.Include(id, **traits)

Bases: traitsui.view_element.ViewSubElement

A substitutable user interface element, i.e., a placeholder in a view definition.

When a view object constructs an attribute-editing window, any Include objects within the view definition are replaced with a group or item defined elsewhere in the object’s inheritance tree, based on matching of the name of the element. If no matching element is found, the Include object is ignored.

An Include object can reference a group or item attribute on a parent class or on a subclass. For example, the following class contains a view definition that provides for the possibility that a subclass might add “extra” attributes in the middle of the view:

class Person(HasTraits):
    name = Str
    age = Int
    person_view = View('name', Include('extra'), 'age', kind='modal')

If you directly create an instance of Person, and edit its attributes, the Include object is ignored.

The following class extends Person, and defines a group of “extra” attributes to add to the view defined on Person:

class LocatedPerson(Person):
    street = Str
    city = Str
    state = Str
    zip = Int
    extra = Group('street', 'city', 'state', 'zip')

The attribute-editing window for an instance of LocatedPerson displays editors for these extra attributes.

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