traitsui.extras.progress_column module

A column class for for the TableEditor that displays progress bars.

class traitsui.extras.progress_column.ProgressColumn(**traits)[source]

Bases: ObjectColumn

A column which displays trait values as a progress bar

Progress values must be an integer value between the maximum and minimum values. By default it is assumed to be a percentage.

format = Str("%s%%")

Format string to apply to column values.


Returns the maximum value a numeric column can have.


Whether or not to display text in column.

Note, may not render on some platforms (eg. OS X) due to the rendering style.


Returns whether the column is editable for a specified object.

maximum = Int(100)

The maximum value for a progress bar.

minimum = Int(0)

The minimum value for a progress bar.

text_visible = Bool(True)

Whether or not to display the text with the progress bar. This may not display with some progress bar styles, eg. on OS X.