traitsui.editors.tuple_editor module

Defines the tuple editor factory for all traits user interface toolkits.

class traitsui.editors.tuple_editor.SimpleEditor(parent, **traits)

Bases: traitsui.editor.Editor

Simple style of editor for tuples.

The editor displays an editor for each of the fields in the tuple, based on the type of each field.


Returns the editor’s control for indicating error status.


Finishes initializing the editor by creating the underlying toolkit widget.


Updates the editor when the object trait changes external to the editor.

class traitsui.editors.tuple_editor.ToolkitEditorFactory(*args, **traits)

Bases: traitsui.editor_factory.EditorFactory

Editor factory for tuple editors.


alias of traitsui.editors.tuple_editor.ToolkitEditorFactory

class traitsui.editors.tuple_editor.TupleStructure(editor)

Bases: traits.has_traits.HasTraits

Creates a view containing items for each field in a tuple.

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