traitsui.editors.table_editor module

Defines the table editor factory for all traits user interface toolkits.

class traitsui.editors.table_editor.BaseTableEditor

Bases: object

Base class for toolkit-specific editors.


Adds a menu item to the menu bar being constructed.


Adds a toolbar item to the toolbar being constructed.


Returns whether the action should be defined in the user interface.


Returns whether the toolbar action should be defined in the user interface.

eval_when(condition, object, trait)

Evaluates a condition within a defined context and sets a specified object trait based on the result, which is assumed to be a Boolean.

perform(action, action_event=None)

Performs the action described by a specified Action object.

set_menu_context(selection, object, column)

Call before creating a context menu for a cell, then set self as the controller for the menu.

class traitsui.editors.table_editor.ReversedList(list)

Bases: object

A list whose order is the reverse of its input.


Returns the index of the first occurrence of the specified value in the list.

insert(index, value)

Inserts a value at a specified index in the list.


alias of traitsui.editors.table_editor.ToolkitEditorFactory

class traitsui.editors.table_editor.ToolkitEditorFactory(*args, **traits)

Bases: traitsui.editor_factory.EditorFactory

Editor factory for table editors.

readonly_editor(ui, object, name, description, parent)

Generates an “editor” that is read-only. Overridden to set the value of the editable trait to False before generating the editor.

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