traitsui.editors.html_editor module

Defines the HTML editor factory. HTML editors interpret and display HTML-formatted text, but do not modify it.

class traitsui.editors.html_editor.ToolkitEditorFactory(*args, **traits)[source]

Bases: traitsui.basic_editor_factory.BasicEditorFactory

Editor factory for HTML editors.

base_url = Str()

External objects referenced in the HTML are relative to this url

base_url_name = Str()

The object trait containing the base URL

format_text = Bool(False)

Should implicit text formatting be converted to HTML?


Calculates the amount of white space at the beginning of a line.

open_externally = Bool(False)

Should links be opened in an external browser?

parse_block(lines, i)[source]

Parses a code block.

parse_list(lines, i)[source]

Parses a list.


Parses the contents of a formatted text string into the corresponding HTML.

traitsui.editors.html_editor.html_editor(*args, **traits)[source]