traitsui.editors.enum_editor module

Defines the editor factory for single-selection enumerations, for all traits user interface toolkits.

traitsui.editors.enum_editor.CompletionMode = Enum("inline", "popup")

Supported display modes for a custom style editor

class traitsui.editors.enum_editor.EnumEditor(*args, **traits)[source]

Bases: traitsui.editor_factory.EditorWithListFactory

Editor factory for enumeration editors.

auto_set = Bool(True)

Is user input set on every keystroke (when text input is allowed)?

cols = Range(1, 20)

Number of columns to use when displayed as a grid:

completion_mode = CompletionMode

Completion mode for editors with text-entry (Qt only):

evaluate = Any()

(Optional) Function used to evaluate text input:

mode = Mode

Display modes supported for a custom style editor:

separator = Str("")

The separator string used in values trait (Qt only)

use_separator = Bool(False)

Whether values trait contains separators (Qt only)

traitsui.editors.enum_editor.Mode = Enum("radio", "list")

Supported display modes for a custom style editor


alias of traitsui.editors.enum_editor.EnumEditor