traits_futures.future_states module

Future states, used by the various future classes.

traits_futures.future_states.CANCELLABLE_STATES = ('executing', 'waiting')

States in which we’re permitted to cancel.

traits_futures.future_states.CANCELLED = 'cancelled'

Task cancelled.

traits_futures.future_states.CANCELLING = 'cancelling'

Cancellation has been requested, awaiting response.

traits_futures.future_states.COMPLETED = 'completed'

Task completed without error.

traits_futures.future_states.DONE_STATES = ('cancelled', 'completed', 'failed')

Final states. If the future is in one of these states, no more messages will be received from the background task.

traits_futures.future_states.EXECUTING = 'executing'

Task is executing.

traits_futures.future_states.FAILED = 'failed'

Task failed, raising an exception.

traits_futures.future_states.FutureState = Enum(

Trait type representing a future state.

traits_futures.future_states.WAITING = 'waiting'

Task queued, waiting to be executed.