pyface.workbench.i_workbench module

The workbench interface.

class pyface.workbench.i_workbench.IWorkbench(adaptee, default=<class 'traits.adaptation.adaptation_error.AdaptationError'>)[source]

Bases: Interface

The workbench interface.


Factory method that creates a new workbench window.

edit(obj, kind=None, use_existing=True)[source]

Edit an object in the active workbench window.


Exit the workbench.

This closes all open workbench windows.

This method is not called when the user clicks the close icon. Nor when they do an Alt+F4 in Windows. It is only called when the application menu File->Exit item is selected.

get_editor(obj, kind=None)[source]

Return the editor that is editing an object.

Returns None if no such editor exists.


Return the editor with the specified Id.

Returns None if no such editor exists.