pyface.undo.abstract_command module

class pyface.undo.abstract_command.AbstractCommand[source]

Bases: HasTraits

The AbstractCommand class is an abstract base class that implements the ICommand interface.

data = Any()

This is the data on which the command operates.

name = Str()

This is the name of the command as it will appear in any GUI element. It may include ‘&’ which will be automatically removed whenever it is inappropriate.


This is called by the command stack to do the command and to return any value. The command must save any state necessary for the ‘redo()’ and ‘undo()’ methods to work. The class’s __init__() must also ensure that deep copies of any arguments are made if appropriate. It is guaranteed that this will only ever be called once and that it will be called before any call to ‘redo()’ or ‘undo()’.


This is called by the command stack to try and merge another command with this one. True is returned if the commands were merged. ‘other’ is the command that is about to be executed. If the commands are merged then ‘other’ will discarded and not placed on the command stack. A subsequent undo or redo of this modified command must have the same effect as the two original commands.


This is called by the command stack to redo the command. Any returned value will replace the value that the command stack references from the original call to ‘do()’ or previous call to ‘redo()’.


This is called by the command stack to undo the command.