pyface.timer.timer module

Event-loop based timers that perform actions periodically.

Note that if a timer goes out of scope without a reference to being saved, there is nothing keeping the underlying toolkit timer alive and it will be garbage collected, meaning that the timer will stop firing (or indeed, may never fire).

class pyface.timer.timer.EventTimer(**traits)[source]

Bases: MEventTimer, PyfaceTimer

class pyface.timer.timer.CallbackTimer(**traits)[source]

Bases: MCallbackTimer, PyfaceTimer

class pyface.timer.timer.Timer(millisecs, callable, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: CallbackTimer

Subclass of CallbackTimer that matches the old API


Alias for perform to match old API.


Alias for start to match old API.


Alias for stop to match old API.


Alias for is_running property to match old API.