pyface.tasks.task_window_layout module

class pyface.tasks.task_window_layout.TaskWindowLayout(*items, **traits)[source]

Bases: LayoutContainer

The layout of a TaskWindow.

active_task = Str()

The ID of the active task. If unspecified, the first task will be active.

items = List(Union(Str, Instance(TaskLayout)), pretty_skip=True)

The tasks contained in the window. If an ID is specified, the task will use its default layout. Otherwise, it will use the specified TaskLayout

position = Tuple(-1, -1)

The position of the window.

size = Tuple(800, 600)

The size of the window.

size_state = Enum("normal", "maximized")

Whether or not the application is maximized.


Returns the ID of the active task in the layout, or None if there is no active task.


Returns the IDs of the tasks in the layout.


Returns whether two layouts are equivalent, i.e. whether they contain the same tasks.