pyface.tasks.action.task_window_toggle_group module

class pyface.tasks.action.task_window_toggle_group.TaskWindowToggleAction[source]

Bases: Action

An action for activating an application window.

name = Property(Str, observe="window.title")

The name of the action for the window.

style = "toggle"

The action is a toggle action.

window = Instance("pyface.tasks.task_window.TaskWindow")

The window to use for this action.


Performs the action.


event (ActionEvent) – The event which triggered the action.

class pyface.tasks.action.task_window_toggle_group.TaskWindowToggleGroup(*items, **traits)[source]

Bases: Group

A Group for toggling the activation state of an application’s windows.

id = "TaskWindowToggleGroup"

The id of the action group.

items = List()

The actions in the action group

application = Instance("pyface.tasks.tasks_application.TasksApplication")

The application that contains the group.

manager = Any()

The ActionManager to which the group belongs.


Called when the group is no longer required.