pyface.i_splash_screen module

The interface for a splash screen.

class pyface.i_splash_screen.ISplashScreen(adaptee, default=<class 'traits.adaptation.adaptation_error.AdaptationError'>)[source]

Bases: pyface.i_window.IWindow

The interface for a splash screen.

image = Image()

The image to display on the splash screen.

log_level = Int(logging.DEBUG)

If log messages are to be displayed then this is the logging level. See the Python documentation for the ‘logging’ module for more details.

show_log_messages = Bool(True)

Should the splash screen display log messages in the splash text?

text = Str()

Optional text to display on top of the splash image.

class pyface.i_splash_screen.MSplashScreen[source]

Bases: traits.has_traits.HasTraits

The mixin class that contains common code for toolkit specific implementations of the ISplashScreen interface.

Reimplements: open(), close()


Creates the toolkit-specific control for the widget.


Close the window.