pyface.i_application_window module

The interface of a top-level application window.

class pyface.i_application_window.IApplicationWindow(adaptee, default=<class 'traits.adaptation.adaptation_error.AdaptationError'>)[source]

Bases: pyface.i_window.IWindow

The interface for a top-level application window.

The application window has support for a menu bar, tool bar and a status bar (all of which are optional).

Create a sub-class of this class and override the _create_contents() method.

icon = Image()

The window icon. The default is toolkit specific.

menu_bar_manager = Instance(MenuBarManager)

The menu bar manager (None iff there is no menu bar).

status_bar_manager = Instance(StatusBarManager)

The status bar manager (None iff there is no status bar).

tool_bar_manager = Instance(ToolBarManager)

The tool bar manager (None iff there is no tool bar).

tool_bar_managers = List(ToolBarManager)

If the underlying toolkit supports multiple toolbars, you can use this list instead of the single ToolBarManager instance above.

class pyface.i_application_window.MApplicationWindow[source]

Bases: traits.has_traits.HasTraits

The mixin class that contains common code for toolkit specific implementations of the IApplicationWindow interface.

Implements: destroy(), _create_trim_widgets()


Destroy the control if it exists.