Source code for pyface.wizard.wizard_controller

# (C) Copyright 2005-2022 Enthought, Inc., Austin, TX
# All rights reserved.
# This software is provided without warranty under the terms of the BSD
# license included in LICENSE.txt and may be redistributed only under
# the conditions described in the aforementioned license. The license
# is also available online at
# Thanks for using Enthought open source!

""" A wizard controller that has a static list of pages. """

from traits.api import (
    Bool, HasTraits, Instance, List, Property, provides, observe

from .i_wizard_controller import IWizardController
from .i_wizard_page import IWizardPage

[docs]@provides(IWizardController) class WizardController(HasTraits): """ A wizard controller that has a static list of pages. """ # 'IWizardController' interface ---------------------------------------- # The pages under the control of this controller. pages = Property(List(IWizardPage)) # The current page. current_page = Instance(IWizardPage) # Set if the wizard is complete. complete = Bool(False) # Protected 'IWizardController' interface -----------------------------# # Shadow trait for the 'pages' property. _pages = List(IWizardPage) # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ # 'IWizardController' interface. # ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def get_first_page(self): """ Returns the first page. """ if self._pages: return self._pages[0] return None
[docs] def get_next_page(self, page): """ Returns the next page. """ if page.last_page: pass elif page.next_id: for p in self._pages: if == page.next_id: return p else: index = self._pages.index(page) + 1 if index < len(self._pages): return self._pages[index] return None
[docs] def get_previous_page(self, page): """ Returns the previous page. """ for p in self._pages: next = self.get_next_page(p) if next is page: return p return None
[docs] def is_first_page(self, page): """ Is the page the first page? """ return page is self._pages[0]
[docs] def is_last_page(self, page): """ Is the page the last page? """ if page.last_page: return True if page.next_id: return False return page is self._pages[-1]
[docs] def dispose_pages(self): """ Dispose the wizard pages. """ for page in self._pages: page.dispose_page() return
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------ # 'WizardController' interface. # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ def _get_pages(self): """ Returns the pages in the wizard. """ return self._pages[:] def _set_pages(self, pages): """ Sets the pages in the wizard. """ self._pages = pages # Make sure the current page is valid. # If the current page is None (i.e., the current page has # not been set yet), do not set it here. The current page will # get set when the wizard calls _show_page. if ( self.current_page is not None and self.current_page not in self._pages ): self.current_page = self._pages[0] else: self._update() return # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Private interface. # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ def _update(self): """ Checks the completion status of the controller. """ # The entire wizard is complete when the last page is complete. if self.current_page is None: self.complete = False elif self.is_last_page(self.current_page): self.complete = self.current_page.complete else: self.complete = False return # Trait event handlers ------------------------------------------------- # Static ---- @observe("current_page") def _reset_observers_on_current_page_and_update(self, event): """ Called when the current page is changed. """ old, new = event.old, if old is not None: old.observe( self._on_page_complete, "complete", remove=True ) if new is not None: new.observe(self._on_page_complete, "complete") self._update() return # Dynamic ---- def _on_page_complete(self, event): """ Called when the current page is complete. """ self._update() return