Source code for pyface.tree.trait_list_node_type

# (C) Copyright 2005-2022 Enthought, Inc., Austin, TX
# All rights reserved.
# This software is provided without warranty under the terms of the BSD
# license included in LICENSE.txt and may be redistributed only under
# the conditions described in the aforementioned license. The license
# is also available online at
# Thanks for using Enthought open source!
""" The node type for a trait list. """

from traits.api import Any, Str

from .node_type import NodeType

[docs]class TraitListNodeType(NodeType): """ The node type for a trait list. """ # 'TraitListNodeType' interface ---------------------------------------- # The type of object that provides the trait list. klass = Any() # The label text. text = Str() # The name of the trait. trait_name = Str() # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ # 'NodeType' interface. # ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def is_type_for(self, node): """ Returns True if this node type recognizes a node. """ is_type_for = ( isinstance(node, list) and hasattr(node, "object") and isinstance(node.object, self.klass) and == self.trait_name ) return is_type_for
[docs] def allows_children(self, node): """ Does the node allow children (ie. a folder vs a file). """ return True
[docs] def has_children(self, node): """ Returns True if a node has children, otherwise False. """ return len(node) > 0
[docs] def get_children(self, node): """ Returns the children of a node. """ return node
[docs] def get_text(self, node): """ Returns the label text for a node. """ return self.text