Source code for pyface.action.listening_action

# (C) Copyright 2005-2022 Enthought, Inc., Austin, TX
# All rights reserved.
# This software is provided without warranty under the terms of the BSD
# license included in LICENSE.txt and may be redistributed only under
# the conditions described in the aforementioned license. The license
# is also available online at
# Thanks for using Enthought open source!
# Author: Enthought, Inc.
# Description: <Enthought pyface package component>

import logging

from pyface.action.action import Action
from traits.api import Any, Str, observe, Undefined

# Logging.
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ListeningAction(Action): """ An Action that listens and makes a callback to an object. """ # ListeningAction interface ---------------------------------------------- #: The (extended) name of the method to call. By default, the on_perform #: function will be called with the event. method = Str() #: The (extended) name of the attribute that determines whether the action #: is enabled. By default, the action is always enabled when an object is #: set. enabled_name = Str() #: The (extended) name of the attribute that determines whether the action #: is visible. By default, the action is always visible. visible_name = Str() #: The object to which the names above apply. object = Any() # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # 'Action' interface. # -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def destroy(self): """ Called when the action is no longer required. Removes all the task listeners. """ if self.object: if self.enabled_name: self.object.observe( self._enabled_update, self.enabled_name, remove=True ) if self.visible_name: self.object.observe( self._visible_update, self.visible_name, remove=True )
[docs] def perform(self, event=None): """ Call the appropriate function. This looks for a method to call based on the extended method name stored in the :py:attr:`method` trait. If the method is empty, then this follows the usual Action method resolution. """ if self.method != "": method = self._get_attr(self.object, self.method) if method: method() else: super().perform(event)
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Protected interface. # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- def _get_attr(self, obj, name, default=None): """ Perform an extended look up of a dotted name. """ try: for attr in name.split("."): # Perform the access in the Trait name style: if the object is # None, assume it simply hasn't been initialized and don't show # the warning. if obj is None: return default else: obj = getattr(obj, attr) except AttributeError: logger.error("Did not find name %r on %r" % (attr, obj)) return default return obj # Trait change handlers -------------------------------------------------- @observe('enabled_name') def _enabled_name_updated(self, event): old, new = event.old, obj = self.object if obj is not None: if old: obj.observe(self._enabled_update, old, remove=True) if new: obj.observe(self._enabled_update, new) self._enabled_update() @observe('visible_name') def _visible_name_updated(self, event): old, new = event.old, obj = self.object if obj is not None: if old: obj.observe(self._visible_update, old, remove=True) if new: obj.observe(self._visible_update, new) self._visible_update() @observe('object') def _object_updated(self, event): old, new = event.old, for kind in ("enabled", "visible"): method = getattr(self, "_%s_update" % kind) name = getattr(self, "%s_name" % kind) if name: if old and old is not Undefined: old.observe(method, name, remove=True) if new: new.observe(method, name) method() def _enabled_update(self, event=None): if self.enabled_name: if self.object: self.enabled = bool( self._get_attr(self.object, self.enabled_name, False) ) else: self.enabled = False else: self.enabled = bool(self.object) def _visible_update(self, event=None): if self.visible_name: if self.object: self.visible = bool( self._get_attr(self.object, self.visible_name, False) ) else: self.visible = False else: self.visible = True