Known bugs and issuesΒΆ

The Known Issues section contains those items that are big and important but are not currently actively worked on, because they need a lot of effort or there is no solution yet for them. For a more detailed list of issues and bugs please check the list in issue tracker.

  • Display bugs: Mayavi, and VTK, heavily use hardware rendering, as a result are very sensitive to hardware rendering bugs. Common issues include surfaces showing up as black instead of colored (mostly on windows or in virtual machines, I believe), z-ordering bugs where hidden triangles are displayed in front of the triangles that should hide them (a common bug on Linux with intel graphics cards), or the rendering windows becoming grey when the focus is moved out (often seen on Linux, when compiz is enabled). The solution is most often simply to turn off hardware rendering in the system settings (turn off compiz under Linux) or change graphics-card drivers (under Linux, try switching between the open source one, and the proprietary one).

  • Qt 5: Mayavi is built on top of the traitsui and pyface gui libraries. Thus support for Qt 5 is linked to these gui libraries supporting Qt 5.

  • wxPython 3: Similar to the Qt 5 issue support for wxPython 3 is linked with the necessary support arriving in the stable releases of the gui libraries.