Preferences with Envisage

Envisage presents preferences with two different extension points:

PREFERENCES = 'envisage.preferences'
PREFERENCES_PAGES = 'envisage.ui.workbench.preferences_pages'

The first one is only model-related and is for programmatic access to preferences, whereas the second one is for displaying UIs to the user in the workbench plugin.


The contribution point is simply a list of URLs to the preference file, e.g.:

preferences_pages = List(

where acme.acmelab is the python-module-like path to the package in which the default preferences.ini is stored.

A plugin usually needs only one preferences file, regardless of how many preference pages or settings it has.

Preferences pages

The preference pages are a Traits UI view to wrap the preferences and allow the user to modify them. A preference page is defined as in the preference_manager example in the AppTools examples. It can than be contributed to the workbench, as in:

preferences_pages = List(contributes_to=PREFERENCES_PAGES)

def _preferences_pages_default(self):
    """ Trait initializer. """
    from acme.preference_pages import ACMEPreferencePages

    return [ACMEPreferencePages]

A plugin needs to contribute a preferences pages class for each category of preferences it contributes.