Release history

Version 7.0.3

Released: 2023-04-03

This is a bugfix release that fixes the automated documentation build for releases.


  • Fix the GitHub Actions workflow for automated documentation updates on releases. (#568)

Version 7.0.2

Released: 2023-04-03

This is a bugfix release that fixes some test interaction issues and automates the documentation build.


  • Fix test-ordering issues with egg-based tests that modify pkg_resources global state. (#564)



  • Add GitHub Actions workflows to automate documentation updates. The main documentation is updated on every push to main, while the release documentation is updated on each GitHub release creation. (#565)

Version 7.0.1

Released: 2023-03-24

This is a bugfix release whose main purpose is to fix the Read the Docs build for the Envisage documentation.


  • Fix the documentation build for Read the Docs. (#560)

  • Fix example code that was importing Font and Color from Traits instead of TraitsUI. (#558)

Version 7.0.0

Released: 2023-03-24

This is a major release aimed at modernization and cleanup of some out-of-date code. In particular, this release removes the IPython-related plugins, and drops support for Python 3.6.

Thanks to:

  • Mark Dickinson

  • Chengyu Liu

  • Corran Webster


  • There’s a new unbind_extension_point function that reverses the effects of bind_extension_point. This can be useful for clean teardown. (#546)

  • All id string constants that were previously available from envisage.ids are now also exported in envisage.api. Users are encouraged to import everything they need from envisage.api, and to open an issue if anything they need is not exported in envisage.api. (#508)


  • When exiting a TasksApplication, the plugins are now stopped after exiting the event loop. Previously they were stopped while the event loop was still running, causing some lifecycle issues. (#524)

  • The extension_registry argument to bind_extension_point is no longer optional, and ExtensionPointBinding will no longer look for an extension registry on the ExtensionPoint class. (#545)

  • Operations that used to raise SystemError now raise something more appropriate. In particular, the PluginManager.start_plugin and PluginManager.stop_plugin methods now raise ValueError rather than SystemError when given an invalid plugin id. (#529)

  • envisage.__version__ is no longer defined. If you need the Envisage version at runtime, use importlib.metadata to retrieve it. (#513)

  • Python 3.6 is no longer supported. All current versions of Python (3.7 through 3.11) are supported. (#513)


  • The repr of a Plugin instance now correctly uses the name of the plugin class. (#535)


  • The EggPluginManager, EggBasketPluginManager and PackagePluginManager are deprecated, and will be removed in Envisage 8.0. (#540)

  • The include and exclude traits on the PluginManager are deprecated, and will be removed in Envisage 8.0. (#544)


  • Plugins and machinery related to IPython have been removed. Specifically, the IPythonKernelPlugin and IPythonKernelUIPlugin plugins have been removed, along with supporting classes InternalIPKernel and IPKernelApp. (#496)

  • The ExtensionPoint.bind method has been removed. (#545)

  • The previously deprecated safeweakref.ref class has been removed. (#522)

  • Some legacy unmaintained examples have been removed. (#557)


  • The changelog is now included in the built documentation. (#550)


  • Old-style namespace packages used for testing have been replaced with normal non-namespace packages. This fixes some warnings from the latest setuptools. (#543)

  • The test suite now runs cleanly under pytest. (#539)

  • Tests that are skipped due to a PySide6 problem should now be run if the version of PySide6 is recent enough. (#554)


  • Package configuration now uses pyproject.toml in place of the old configuration. (#513)

  • Optional dependencies are no longer declared. (#513)

  • A new style-checking workflow has been added that runs black, isort and flake8 over the codebase, and new code is expected to comply with black and isort configurations. (#549)

  • A new documentation-build workflow has been added. The built documentation is uploaded as an artifact. (#551)

Version 6.1.1

Released: 2023-02-07

This is a bugfix release that fixes an incompatibility between the workbench code and the latest Traits version, among other minor fixes.

Thanks to:

  • Mark Dickinson

  • Prabhu Ramachandran

  • Scott Talbert


  • A trait validation error in the Workbench DefaultActionSet has been fixed. This fixes a compatibility issue with Traits 6.4. (#485)

  • Initialization of application directories now correctly respects the value of self.state_location. (#490)

  • In the test suite, egg generation now uses sys.executable to ensure it picks up the correct Python executable. (#499)

Other changes

  • The version of PySide6 used in test workflows has been restricted. (#487)

  • The EDM version used in test workflow has been updated. (#484)

  • Various fixes have been made to the GitHub Actions workflows, for compatibility with the newest runners. (#491, #494)

  • Copyright headers have been updated for 2023. (#493)

Version 6.1.0

Released: 2022-08-15

This is a minor feature release whose main focus is on compatibility with Python 3.8 and PySide 6. It includes a collection of other cleanups and minor fixes.

In this release, there are some changes in the way that the Envisage Application interacts with ETSConfig. You should double check that the locations of user data, preferences and application home directories are the ones that you expect after upgrading.

Please note that the IPython-related portions of Envisage are currently not compatible with the latest versions of ipykernel and IPython available from PyPI. This has been made explicit in this release in the form of version restrictions on those packages in the envisage[ipython] install target.

Thanks to:

  • Aaron Ayres

  • Mark Dickinson

  • Sai Rahul Poruri

  • Corran Webster


  • The Application.user_data directory no longer includes the id of the application, but instead matches the ETSConfig.user_data. (#467)

  • The Envisage Application will no longer try to change the ETSConfig.application_home attribute. (#467)

  • The PackageResourceProtocol now uses importlib.resources instead of pkg_resources. (#466)

  • The IPython-related features of Envisage require ipykernel version < 6 and IPython version < 8. (#449)


  • Fix EggPluginManager to use current pkg_resources.working_set. (#444)

Refactoring and maintenance

  • Simplify ImportManager by using importlib. (#465)

  • Update end year in copyright headers. (#458)


  • The tests no longer rely on pre-built eggs for test packages. (#459, #436)

  • Skip tests for recent ipykernel, and add check for IPython version. (#457)

  • Work around a Python 3.6 issue with isinstance and lru caches in tests. (#470)

  • Fix an EggBasketPluginManager test that only passed due to test interactions. (#443)

  • Some pickles used in testing have been regenerated in order to work correctly with more recent versions of Traits. (#472)

  • Fix poorly specified action and menu groups in tests. (#468)

  • Fix test hangs with PySide2 / macOS 11. (#454)

  • Skip an ipykernel-using test if ipykernel is not available in the test environment. (#423)


  • Fixes for the Attractors example. (#408, #416)


  • Code samples in the documentation now have a “copy” button. (#474)

  • Stylistic changes and updates to documentation. (#406)

  • Fix documentation links to examples on main branch. (#447)

  • Add a Read the Docs config file. (#434)

  • Miscellaneous minor fixes. (#435)

Build and CI

  • Update build machinery to support Python 3.8 and PySide 6. (#477)

  • Add workflow to automatically upload releases to PyPI. (#478)

  • Set up Slack notification for cron jobs. (#433)

  • Cron job failures are now reported to the main Slack channel, not to the bots channel. (#473)

  • Add GitHub Actions workflow to test PyPI install. (#450)

  • The default branch has been renamed from master to main. (#446)

  • Update classifiers for Python 3.10. (#437)

  • Port CI from Appveyor to GitHub Actions. (#432, #426)

  • Simplify flake8 command in (#431)

  • Traits version 6.2 or later is now required. (#410)

Version 6.0.1

Released: 2021-06-18

This bugfix release fixes the issue where Extension Point resolution was happening too eagerly, which caused issues during application startup time in certain cases. We recommend all users of Envisage to upgrade to this bugfix version.


  • Revert PR #354, which caused the issue #417. (#422)


  • Ensure that the testsuite passes with minimal dependencies. (#423)

  • Add a regression test for issue #417. (#421)

Version 6.0.0

Released: 2021-05-14

This major release focuses on speeding up Envisage applications. We achieved this speedup by removing unused functionality in the package. Specifically, we removed the @contributes_to decorator and the code needed to handle methods decorated with the above decorator.

Additionally, with this release, parts of envisage start using the new traits observation framework instead of the old traits on_trait_change. So, Envisage now depends on Traits version >= 6.2.


  • Support observe(name:items) for Extension Points. (#354)


  • Replace Either trait type with Union. (#405)

  • Rewrite *_changed static trait handlers to use observe. (#401)

  • Replace depends_on in Property traits with observe. (#400)

  • Change default pickle protocol to be compatible with Python >= 3.4. (#390)


  • Remove contributes_to decorator and supporting code. (#402)

  • Remove unnecessary return statements throughout the codebase. (#393)


  • Ensure that the cron job installs all necessary dependencies. (#383)

Version 5.0.0

Released: 2020-12-03

This is a major release mainly relating to code modernization. In this release, support for Python versions <3.6 have been dropped. The class_load_hooks and single_project modules have been removed. Additionally, there were various fixes to bugs, examples, tests, and documentation. Demo examples are also distributed as package data such that they are visible via the “etsdemo” GUI application (to be installed separately).


  • Re-export CorePlugin in envisage.api (#332)

  • Create and fill plugin subpackage api modules (#323)

  • Add relevant classes to envisage.ui.tasks.api (#322)


  • Fix index slice in ExtensionPointChangedEvent when plugin changes (#357)

  • Fix ValueError from unregistering services when application stops (#345)

  • Fix the MOTD example (#319)

  • Fix the Hello_World example (#318)

  • Fix the attractors tasks application example (#317)

  • Make TasksApplication.gui expect an IGUI interface, not a GUI instance (#301)


  • Contribute examples to etsdemo (#380)

  • Refactor documentation links to source on GitHub (#379)

  • Make example run from any directory (#377)

  • Setup intersphinx in docs (#343)

  • Add documentation for envisage APIs (#340)

  • Use jinja templates for API documentation (#339)

  • Improve API docs : document traits (#334)

  • Rebuild documentation, mostly to fix search functionality (#290)


  • Deprecate safeweakref and replace its uses (#275)


  • Drop support for Python 3 versions older than Python 3.6. (#341)

  • Remove single_project (#331)

  • Remove class_load_hooks and ClassLoadHook (#321)


  • Add tests for ExtensionRegistry getters (#349)

  • Add tests to demonstrate behaviour when mutating extension point directly (#346)

  • Use mixin instead of having ProviderExtensionRegistryTestCase inherit from ExtensionRegistryTestCase (#335)

  • Switch on default warning flag for CI test command (#326)

  • Add test eggs for Python 3.9 and remove eggs for Python 2.7 (#289)


  • Turn off macOS builds on Travis CI (#375)

  • Fix CI cron job setup to install apptools (#348)

  • Update to allow prerelease version (#344)

  • Add wx as being supported in etstool, add it back to CI, and test against wxPython v4.x (#336)

  • Update EDM version to 3.0.1 in Travis CI and Appveyor. (#297)

  • Stop reporting code coverage in CI (#288)

  • Fix CI setup on Linux, Windows (#287)

  • Remove support for PySide and PyQt4 from CI (#285)

  • Add Slack notification for Travis CI runs (#283)

  • Add flake8 check to etstool and CI (#268)

Version 4.9.2

Released: 2020-02-17

This is a bugfix release that fixes tests that assumed the existence of categories machinery (which is removed in Traits 6.0.0).


  • Conditionally skip tests that fail against Traits 6.0.0 due to the removal of Categories. (#263)

Version 4.9.1

Released: 2020-02-13

This is a bugfix release aimed at ensuring compatibility with the upcoming Traits 6.0.0 release.


  • Fix tests that fail against Traits 6.0.0 due to the removal of double nesting in list events. (#255)

  • Replace a comment mention of AdaptedTo with Supports. (#253)

  • Remove dependence on clean_filename from Traits. (#252)

  • Replace a use of the deprecated DictStrAny trait with Dict(Str, Any). (#250)

Version 4.9.0

Released: 2019-11-19

This is a minor feature release with a small handful of fixes, and a single new feature to make the IPythonKernelPlugin easier to use for applications.


  • Add an option to allow the InternalIPKernel to initialise its kernel at kernel creation time. At some point in the future, this will become the default behaviour. (#227)


  • Replace a use of the deprecated adapts function with register_factory. (#234)

  • In the IPKernelApp, correctly restore the original state of* streams even if those streams didn’t exist originally. (#232)

  • Remove duplicate copyright header from autogenerated version file. (#220)


  • Remove a print call from a unit test. (#240)

  • Add unit tests for the envisage.ui.single_project adapters. (#235)

  • Add unit tests to check that InternalIPKernel doesn’t affect sys.path. (#233)

  • Fix the test suite not to write to the user’s ~/.ipython directory. (#231)

  • Fix the test suite not to write to the user’s ~/.enthought directory. (#230)

  • Remove an unused import and a useless tearDown method in the IPythonKernel tests. (#223)

  • Fix DeprecationWarning``s from uses of long-deprecated ``TestCase methods. (#222)

  • Add test eggs for Python 3.8. (#214)


  • Rename changelog extension from .txt to .rst. (#238)

  • Update EDM version used in Travis CI and Appveyor. (#236)

  • Add mock to test dependencies on Python 2. (#229)

  • Fix status badges in README. (#216)

Version 4.8.0

Released: 2019-09-13

The main focus of this feature release is the IPythonKernelPlugin, which has been updated to work with the latest IPython-related packages from PyPI, and is now much more careful about releasing resources allocated.

Also in this release, a number of outdated, incomplete or otherwise nonfunctional pieces of code were removed.


  • Improved repr for ExtensionPoint objects. (#142)


  • Drop support for Python versions older than 2.7 and Python 3 versions older than Python 3.5. (#139)

  • The IPythonKernelPlugin now releases all allocated resources (threads, file descriptors, etc.) and undoes global state changes at plugin stop time. (#188)

  • Suppress the Ctrl-C message printed by the IPython kernel at start time. (#182)

  • Add license headers to all files, and make license header statements consistent. (#192)


  • Use a fixed pickle protocol when saving task layout state, to avoid cross-Python-version difficulties. (#179)

  • Fix deprecation warnings from use of Logger.warn. (#178)

  • Fix some Python 3 syntax errors in example scripts. (#171)


  • Remove the unsupported and incomplete UpdateCheckerPlugin. (#199)

  • Remove the plugin.debug empty submodule. (#195)

  • Remove the old IPythonShell plugin, which was based on pre-IPython 1.0. (#173)

  • Remove the non-functional RefreshCodePlugin. (#202)

  • Remove project_runnable, which was never functional. (#169)

  • Remove outdated debugging fallback from the ExtensionPoint source. (#167)

  • Remove FBIPlugin. (#166)

  • Remove the remote_editor plugins. (#137)


  • Add docstrings for tasks plugin extension points. (#181)

  • Fix incorrect documentation for always_use_default_layout. (#177)

  • Spell “Pyface” correctly. (#176)

  • NumPyDoc style fixes. (#168)

  • Add API documentation, with corresponding build infrastructure. (#165)

  • Fix invalid syntax in Tetris example. (#158)

  • Use the Enthought Sphinx Theme for documentation. (#157)


  • Remove dependency on the nose package, and rename test modules. All tests can now be discovered and run using unittest. (#200, #194)


  • Revise version-handling mechanisms and other minor details in script. (#197, #190)

  • Remove unused and outdated tox.ini file. (#201)

  • Update to work with a non-EDM bootstrap environment on Windows. (#203)

  • Test against other ETS packages from source, using Travis CI cron jobs. (#162)

  • Fix deprecated pieces in Travis CI configuration. (#160, #159)

  • Update EDM version used, and clean up and simplify Travis CI and Appveyor configurations. (#152)

  • Usability improvements to (#145, #148)

Version 4.7.2

Released: 03 May 2019


  • Fix some broken imports and name errors in the envisage.developer package. (#130)

  • Add missing test data to support running tests on Python 3.7. (#136)

  • Fix reversed interpretation of the TasksApplication.always_use_default_layout when creating task windows. (#144)

  • In the InternalIPKernel plugin, restore original standard streams (stdout, stdin, stderr) at plugin stop time. (#146)

  • In the InternalIPKernel plugin, fix ResourceWarnings from unclosed pipes attached to qt consoles. (#147)

Version 4.7.1

Released : 31 January 2019


  • Replace use of deprecated HasTraits.set method (#118)


  • Fix IPython GUI kernel issue when used with ipykernel 4.7.0 (#123)

  • Fix infinite recursion issue when harvesting extension methods (#121)

Version 4.7.0


  • Update CI setup and include ipykernel in devenv (#105, #111, #114)

  • Use --gui rather than --matplotlib when starting IPython kernel (#101)

  • Downgrade level of a logging message (#95)


  • Fix old-style relative import (#109)

  • Fix attractors example (#103)

  • Stop the IOPubThread as part of IPython kernel shutdown (#100)

  • Fix Sphinx conf to be able to build docs again (#91)

  • Fix deprecated IPython import (#92)

  • Fix task layout serialization under Python 3 (#90)

Version 4.6.0

This is an incremental release, mainly consisting of bug fixes. The most significant change is the support for IPython >= 4 in the IPython plugin.

Thanks to @corranwebster, @dpinte, @itziakos, @jonathanrocher, @kamalx, @rahulporuri, @robmcmullen, @sjagoe


  • IPython kernel plugin now supports IPython >= 4 (#82)

  • Remove usage of deprecated IPython QtConsole API (#80)

  • Defer selection of toolkit and avoid creating GUI applications as side-effects as much as possible (#77, #76)


  • Fixes for tests under Python 3.5 (#86)

  • Work around for issue with Traits in Python 3 (#78)

  • Replace uses of ‘file’ and ‘execfile’ (#75)

  • Fix MOTD_Using_Eggs example (#66)

  • Fix broken and outdated links in documentation (#72)

  • Fix link to docs from README (#70)

  • Fix degenerate case where window is created with no layout (#44)

Version 4.5.1


  • Add tox for testing package install (#67)


  • Include missing test files in the package data (#67)

  • Include missing test cases for Python 3.4 (#67)

Version 4.5.0

New features

  • IPythonKernelPlugin for Tasks: run an IPython kernel within the envisage app and expose it as a service (#54).

  • Envisage now supports Python 3.4 (#61).


  • Allow loading plugins from an egg basket even when some eggs are invalid (#40, #46).

  • Add a simple GUIApplication to bootstrap basic plugin-driven applications (#34).

  • Split the IPython kernel and IPython menu action into two separate plugins for flexibility (#57).


  • Use new Traits interfaces and adaptation implementation (#37).

  • Envisage now configures the logger with a NullHandler to avoid spurios unconfigured logger warnings (#45).

  • Envisage no longer swallows exceptions in plugin startup (#50).

  • Various fixes to continuous integration configuration (#47, #60).

Version 4.4.0

The major component of this feature is to work with the new traits.adaptation mechanism in place of the deprecated traits.protocols, maintaining compatibility with traits version 4.4.0.

This release also adds a new method to retrieve a service that is required by the application and provides documentation and test updates.

New features

  • Added a simple GUIApplication class (673c8f6)

  • Added a method to get a required service (94dfdea)


  • Updated to use the new traits.adaptation functionality (34fa5e6)


  • Updated links to point to github instead of svn codebase (87cdb87)

  • Fixed test cases and added to Travis-CI (6c11d9f)