envisage.ui.workbench.workbench_application module

The entry point for an Envisage Workbench application.

class envisage.ui.workbench.workbench_application.WorkbenchApplication(plugins=None, **traits)[source]

Bases: envisage.application.Application

The entry point for an Envisage Workbench application.

i.e. a GUI application whose user interface is provided by the workbench plugin.

This class handles the common case for Workbench applications, and it is intended to be subclassed to change start/stop behaviour etc. In fact, I generally create a subclass for every Workbench application I write since it is a good place to put branding information etc.


Display the about dialog.


Create the workbench.


Exit the application.

This closes all open windows and hence exits the GUI event loop.


Run the application.

This does the following (so you don’t have to ;^):-

  1. Starts the application

  2. Creates and opens a workbench window

  3. Starts the GUI event loop

  4. When the event loop terminates, stops the application