envisage.plugins.tasks.python_shell_plugin module

Module defining a simple Python shell Envisage tasks plugin.

This plugin provides a task with a simple Python shell. This shouldn’t be confused with a more full-featured shell, such as those provided by IPython.

class envisage.plugins.tasks.python_shell_plugin.EnvisagePythonShellTask[source]

Bases: PythonShellTask

Subclass of PythonShellTask that gets its bindings and commands from an Envisage ExtensionPoint

class envisage.plugins.tasks.python_shell_plugin.PythonShellPlugin[source]

Bases: Plugin

A tasks plugin to display a simple Python shell to the user.

BINDINGS = 'envisage.plugins.python_shell.bindings'
COMMANDS = 'envisage.plugins.python_shell.commands'
TASKS = 'envisage.ui.tasks.tasks'

Start the plugin.

This method will always be empty so that you never have to call ‘super().start()’ if you provide an implementation in a derived class.

The framework does what it needs to do when it starts a plugin by means of the plugin’s activator.