envisage.plugins.python_shell.view.namespace_view module

A view containing the contents of a Python shell namespace.

class envisage.plugins.python_shell.view.namespace_view.NamespaceView(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: pyface.base_toolkit.Unimplemented

A view containing the contents of the Python shell namespace.

bindings = <traits.traits.ForwardProperty object>

Creates the toolkit-specific control that represents the view.

‘parent’ is the toolkit-specific control that is the view’s parent.

id = 'enthought.plugins.python_shell.view.namespace_view'
name = 'Namespace'
namespace = <traits.trait_types.DelegatesTo object>
position = 'left'
shell_view = <traits.trait_types.Instance object>
traits_view = ( VGroup( Item( 'bindings' id = 'table', object = 'object', style = 'simple', show_label = False ), show_border = True, show_labels = False, object = 'object', style = 'simple' ) )

Return the string representation of obj’s __module__ attribute, or an empty string if there is no such attribute.


Make a string out obj’s type robustly.