envisage.plugins.ipython_kernel.ipython_kernel_plugin module

An IPython kernel plugin.

class envisage.plugins.ipython_kernel.ipython_kernel_plugin.IPythonKernelPlugin[source]

Bases: envisage.plugin.Plugin

An IPython kernel plugin.

IPYTHON_KERNEL_PROTOCOL = 'envisage.plugins.ipython_kernel.internal_ipkernel.InternalIPKernel'
IPYTHON_NAMESPACE = 'ipython_plugin.namespace'

Extension point for objects contributed to the IPython kernel namespace.

id = "envisage.plugins.ipython_kernel"

The plugin unique identifier.

init_ipkernel = Bool(False)

Whether to initialize the kernel when the service is created. The default is False`, for backwards compatibility. It will change to True in a future version of Envisage. External users wanting to use the future behaviour now should pass init_ipkernel=True when creating the plugin.

kernel_namespace = ExtensionPoint( …

Ipython kernel namespace ExtensionPoint

name = "IPython embedded kernel plugin"

The plugin name (suitable for displaying to the user).

service_offers = List(contributes_to=SERVICE_OFFERS)

Service offers contributed by this plugin.


Stop the plugin.