envisage.i_plugin_activator module

The plugin activator interface.

class envisage.i_plugin_activator.IPluginActivator(adaptee, default=<class 'traits.adaptation.adaptation_error.AdaptationError'>)[source]

Bases: Interface

The plugin activator interface.

A plugin activator is really just a collection of two strategies - one to start the plugin and one to stop it.

We use an activator so that the framework can implement default start and stop strategies without forcing the plugin writer to call ‘super’ if they override the ‘start’ and ‘stop’ methods on ‘IPlugin’.

I’m not sure that having to call ‘super’ is such a burden, but some people seem to like it this way, and it does mean one less thing for a plugin writer to have to remember to do!


Start the specified plugin.


Stop the specified plugin.